About the Book

Parties and Pictures by Soile Anderson


Every lucky guest remembers celebrations created by chef Soile Anderson and her Deco Catering crew, who for 30 years designed stunning decor and dining for countless events – parties, weddings, holiday feasts, Kosher festivities and business entertaining.

Soile, shown here wearing the traditional costume of her native Finland, became a renowned caterer in Minnesota. She has coordinated events for dignitaries ranging from the Dalai Lama to the King of Norway to President Barack Obama. She is famous for her themed celebrations, from traditional Jewish Kosher events to Nordic festivals. Her Finnish Mid-Summer Party appeared on the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Soile has also been featured on The Food Network.

Raised a Lutheran, Soile became proficient in Kosher cruisine after one of her Jewish customers requested food for her son’s Bar Mitzvah. She learned the religious rules, then paired them with her innate imagination to stage stellar Friday night dinners, rollicking Saturday lunches plus amazing weddings. But her business was totally ecumenical, as were her legions of devoted customers and corporate clients.


Celebrations to Remember captures, through Soile’s photographs and recipes, the excitement of perfect parties, where every element tastes and looks exceptional! Ideas are equally aimed at professional caterers and home hosts who want to impress.







Words by Eleanor Ostman


Food writer Eleanor Ostman shares her friend Soile Anderson’s total Finnish heritage, though she is a Minnesota native, widely-known as the food writer for the St. Paul Pioneer Press-Dispatch for more than 30 years. She is author of several books, including Always on Sunday based on her three-decade newspaper column, Tested Recipes. To enhance Soile’s party photos and caterer’s cuisine, Eleanor wrote the words, edited the recipes and provided self-publishing expertise to “bake this book.”